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PREORDER Large Deluxe Patterned Sandman "Pohutukawa-Christmas Bush"
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1 in Stock!

Price: $41.95
Time Frame 10-14 days approx 

The Large Patterned Sandman Night Nappy (or Day Nappy without a cover). fits from approx 7.5kg-15 kg or from 6 months. 

They are the quiet pretty achievers in the SHP stable of nappies. A nappy you know won't let you down. Although known as a night nappy, they can also be used as a multi-purpose as described below  

  1. a night nappy for lighter wetters with a cover- depends on the age of the bub and how much they wee as to whether they need a cover or not.
  2. a day nappy without a cover- a great nappy for heavy day wetters - you can remove the mini booster for less bulk if you need too 
  3. a day sleep nappy without a cover 
  4. a trip to the shops nappy without a cover 
Email me at for a sizing and absorbency check if you are unsure 

Cheers Michelle, SHP

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