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Hi! My name is Kylie and I'm the face behind Kozy Kuddlz.

Oh, and this little dude is the bum!

I'm a very proud mum to 6 beautiful kids (3 grown under my heart and 3 within it). I juggled fulltime work and almost fulltime mum duties to my gorgeous stepkids until the birth of my first son. I quickly realised that there was no way I could go back to the struggle of 50+hrs per week and still be the mum I wanted to be. The search for something to keep me home began, but it wasn't until after my second son was born that Kozy Kuddlz became a reality. He was my first cloth baby but finances dictated that 'pretties' weren't an option so I turned my hand to making my own. As they say, the rest is history!



Late in 2013 I applied to become a licensed seamstress for the Lolly Bottoms patterns. After an agonizing few days while Australia Post delivered my sample nappy I finally had an answer, it was perfect and my licence was granted!
I now make from both the OSFM and sized Lolly Bottoms patterns, and achieved Master Maker status midway through 2014.
All nappies are made in my home on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria around the needs of my gorgeous family. It is for this reason that I limit the number of custom spots open at any given time to reduce the time you have to wait before receiving your order. I hate waiting, and I don't expect you to wait too long either :)

I am very proud to be a permanent stocking member of Firefly Collective. We stock on the 3rd Sunday of each month and you're guaranteed to find something spectacular every time!


I've always been a little left of centre and my nappy creations are no exception! I love to create nappies that are as unique as your little people. OOAK nappies are some of my favourites to work on and I'll do everything I can to make your ideas come to life. I don't however work with licensed cartoon characters, and I reserve the right to refuse designs which don't reflect the integrity of my business.




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