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Hi, I'm Lisa & I am the sole owner/operator behind Bizaar Bibs 'n' Bums.
Bizaar Bibs 'n' Bums was created not long after the birth of my third child as I had two in nappies & was looking for an easier, cheaper option.
Combining my love of fabrics, sewing & teeny squishy babies...Bizaar Bibs 'n' Bums was born!
I am now a mother to five and still have two in nappies....

Bizaar Bibs 'n' Bums' standard nappies are the OSFM Side Snap or Front Snap though sized can be made upon request...
All BBnB's nappies come complete with boosters, no need to buy anything else

At Bizaar Bibs 'n' Bums I aim to provide the highest quality handmade items.

If you'd like to stay up to date with specials, sales & new products please check out our facebook page
you can also check out some
of my latest work there...

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